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Centre for Technology Transfer CITTRU is a part of Jagiellonian University, whose role is to promote university research, to support innovation and to create cooperation with the business. CITTRU main task is to offer the scientific achievements of the Jagiellonian University in the market by providing legal protection, licensing, sale of intellectual property rights, creation of academic business, coordination of company-ordered research projects, etc. Currently promoted technologies are mainly focused on new materials science, chemistry, pharma and medical technology.
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The subject of the offer is catalyst, α-Al2O3 supported, dedicated to reduce the emission of N2O in a low temperature range. Application: Hospital gases collectors, nitric acid production plant emitters, adipic acic production plant emitters.[…]

Novel HT-IRS 01 reactor, with unique characteristics, is dedicated to working in a transmission mode of optical spectroscopy (for example IR spectroscopy). It may be easily combined with mass spectroscopy or gas chromatography.[…]

The offered material is based on ZnO nanoparticles, modified with biocompatible polymer – chitosan. The material is characterized by high absorption properties of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Also, high antibacterial activity against resistant bacterial strains and the absence of cytotoxic […]

The subject of the offer is a new method of an asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketones and imines used in the synthesis of commonly used medicines, e.g. hormonal (eg. Cincalcet), pulmonary (eg. Salbutamol) and neurological ones (eg. Rasagiline).[…]

The subject of the offer is a method of manufacturing of carbon-based composites for electrode materials. These composites are built of electrode active phase nanoparticles (e.g. metallic or metal oxides) and a carbon matrix obtained from bacterial biomass. Living organisms serve both as the compone[…]

The subject of the offer is an injectable, hydrogel hybrid material that can be used to construct a bioactive cell scaffold of a minimal invasivity. This scaffold may be located in place of a bone defect thus enabling reconstruction of bone tissue. Application: in tissue engineering for the reconstr[…]

The subject of the offer is an asymmetric synthesis of asenapine, a new atypical antipsychotic drug used to treat moderate to severe manic episodes in the course of bipolar disorder of the I type in adults.[…]

In vitro culture medium for cells, tissues, and organs of amphibians

The subject of the offer is a specialized medium for the in vitro culture of cells, tissues, and organs of amphibians. Thanks to the unique composition of active substances and refined their concentrations to the requirements of amphibian cells, the use of medium enables long-term culture as well as[…]

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are multipotent precursor cells with the unique capacity to self-renew, proliferation and transformation into specialized cells present in many body tissues, such as muscle, adipose tissue, fibroblasts, cartilage, tendons, and nervous tissue. They are also characterized[…]

The subject of the offer is a novel method for conjugation of free thiol group(s) containing biomolecules comprising a biomolecule reaction with a gold-donor agent in which a -S-Au-S- bond is formed. Specifically, the method leads to a complex formation that is a protein cage. The new method compris[…]

The subject of the offer is a new method of in vivo genome editing with the use of hybrid nucleases, such as ZFN, TALEN and the CRISPR/Cas9 system, delivered to target cells by EVs derived from stem cells in serum-free conditions and defined as the RNA-containing vesicles expressing stem cells surfa[…]

The subject of the offer are new vanadium complexes with hydrazide-hydrazones as inhibitors of phosphatases and their use in the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases, including e.g. diabetes, cancers, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.[…]

The subject of the offer is a novel, affordable and environmentally friendly method of synthesis of oxide catalysts with a high surface area, dispersed on aluminosilicate supports Applications: removal of volatile organic compounds from stationary sources[…]

The subject of the offer is an innovative nano-sized mercury(II) ion detector of a high sensitivity, which enables to perform the out of lab measurements (in a mobile manner). Applications: environmental, industrial and biomedical analytics[…]

The developed system enables to draw any type of organic molecules. Construction modules have puzzle-like connectors and can be freely combined. Each element has a basically flat base and at least one substantially vertical post protruding from the base, having a contact point. The user connect the […]

The subject of the offer is a zeolite-based catalyst containing metal particles, designed for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides (SCR). Applications: power plants, combined heat and power plants, waste incineration plants, small and medium power boilers, nitric acid plants, automotive[…]

The subject of the offer is a method of formation of Lactobacillus rhamnosus bacteria biofilm on the metallic surface and the bioelectrode obtained in that manner.Development of suitable modifications of metallic electrodes’ surface allowed to use L. rhamnosus in the context of bioelectrochemical sy[…]

The offer relates to co-crystals, from which one of polymorphic form is an efficient, phase matchable second harmonic generator. The averaged, relative experimental of second harmonic generation is over 14 times higher than of the commonly used nonlinear material (potassium dihydrogen phosphate). […]

The subject of the offer is the method of intensive, quick and cheap mass culture of Lecane rotifers. Lecane rotifers bred according to this method can be used in limiting the bulking of activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants or as food for fry, predatory tardigrades and predatory fungi. T[…]

The subject of the offer is a biological method of reducing excessive growth of filamentous bacteria in activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants. The invention uses organisms naturally occurring in the activated sludge - rotifers, which eliminate filamentous bacteria that cause bulking of act[…]

The subject of the offer is manganese-lactoferrin complex with properties stimulating the growth of probiotic bacteria in digestive system. Possible applications of the invention include prevention and treatment of bacterial infections (including sepsis in newborns), chronic inflammatory bowel disea[…]

Xanthophylls, with their antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, found important applications in food and nutrition, cosmetic and environmental industries, as well as pharmacy and medicine. Diadinoxanthin (Ddx) and diatoxanthin (Dtx) are two pigments that belong to[…]

The subject of the present offer is new bacterial strain Staphylococcus pseudintermedius Sp222, isolated from dog pathologic dermal lesions. The offer includes also peptide and protein bacteriocins produced by S. pseudintermedius Sp222. These bacteriocins exhibit a broad spectrum of biological acti[…]

Solid fuel eco-additive reduces soot production and deposition on chimney walls, flues and boiler installation. Moreover it doesn't cause boiler corrosion. Consequently it improves boiler thermal efficiency and fuel combustion effectiveness. That means lower costs of heating. It also modifies soot t[…]

The subject of the offer are unique sequences of single-stranded DNA aptamers with high affinity to any molecule (peptide, protein or DNA derivative) containing His-Tag and Arg-Tag and their application in biotechnology in analysis of His-Tagged and Arg-Tagged molecules.[…]

Flow Mediated Skin Fluorescence (FMSF) method meets the demand for a simple, fast, inexpensive, non-invasive test for the assessment of endothelial function that is reliable, easy to carry, and thus it is possible to apply for a large population of patients, e.g. for the purpose of screening and mon[…]

Due to the rising emission of methane and its extensive contribution to the greenhouse effect, the reduction of CH4 emissions from low-caloric anthropogenic sources is currently a vital importance. The main sources of the methane emission are: exploitation of oil pools, coal mining, pas power statio[…]

Rapid diagnosis of infections caused by GBS guarantees the immediate implementation of antibiotic therapy. However, there are currently no diagnostic tests that allow confirmation of infections caused by S. agalactiae. Previous diagnostic methods traditionally used in carriage of S. agalactiae are b[…]

Staphylococci (Staphylococcus) are one of the most important human bacterial pathogens. Many methods have been developed for the identification and typing of bacterial isolates of the genus Staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aureus) in recent years. These methods can be divided into two groups: phenotyp[…]

In the treatment of bloodstream infections the most important and difficult problem of determining the effectiveness of treatment and, consequently, the cost and time of hospitalization is the effective diagnosis of factors causing a systemic inflammatory response in sepsis. The material subjected t[…]

Water contamination becomes a problem, which may limit civilization progress. The development of a universal and inexpensive method of water purification is very difficult, because it may contain pollutants of different nature, e.g. heavy metals, organic compounds (pesticides, chlorinated aromatic[…]

The method of the invention is a solution that allows the simultaneous isolation of microbial DNA from the blood. In this method the isolation is carried out by compilation of enzymatic, mechanical and thermal lysis. This approach enables to obtain DNA from all types of organisms, irrespective of th[…]

MOF materials (metal-organic frameworks or MOFs) are crystalline solids composed of metal ions and organic molecules known as linkers . Two-component structure significantly affects the properties of such materials. MOFs are characterized with high surface areas and flexibility while maintaining hig[…]

The main innovative aspects of the invention are: •highly effective protection against corrosion of the implant surface in the environment of body fluids resulting in a significant reduction of the release of metal ions into the body; •high durability of the coating; •simple manufacturing meth[…]

Heparin has many clinical applications due to potent activity for inhibition of blood clotting. Heparin is a drug of choice when quick anticoagulant effect is required, e.g. during surgical procedures, and especially to prevent clotting of blood in devices for extracorporeal therapy, like dialysers […]

Despite the large number of available antiepileptic drugs, approximately 30% of patients fail to control seizures, and among those experiencing partial seizures (simple, complex, and secondarily generalized) the percentage is even higher at around 40%. Such a form of epilepsy is called drug resistan[…]

Titanium dioxide based materials are commonly known as photocatalysts of environmental and biomedical relevance. Photoactive TiO2 irradiated with ultraviolet light shows antiseptic, fungicidal, disinfecting and odour-neutralizing properties. It can be used for production of self-cleaning surfaces as[…]

The experiments carried out with the assistance of these catalysts showed a high conversion efficiency of nitric oxide to nitrogen at relatively low temperatures – up to 100%. Designed reactor allows the direct removal of nitric oxide from the exhaust gases via the efficient decomposition of nitric […]

The major advantages of the proposed synthesis route are following: •minimizing of the number of synthesis steps, •elimination of toxic reagents and solvents, •simplification of the equipment required for the synthesis as well as reduction of time and energy consumption, •high reproducibility[…]

Civilization diseases are defined as occurring globally, widespread diseases, and affects not only older people or adults, but also teenagers and even children. Treatment of most of them is difficult, slow and also very costly. The civilization diseases are: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointest[…]

Low-temperature catalytic decomposition of dinitrogen oxide, carried out by the developed catalytic system which is the subject of the offer, is much more favorable in comparison with other solutions because of: •lack of necessity to use any reducing agents; •relatively low operating temperature[…]

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